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As far as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by consumption. It is what led me to undertake doctoral studies then the drafting of a series of books relating to this subject. The first, Consommation et image de soi (Consumption and self-image), was published in fall 2005 and the second, Consommation et luxe, (Consumption and luxury), in fall 2007.

I am planning English translations as soon as I can identify a publisher. I claim myself to be a moderate critic of consumption. While I recognize the benefits, even the necessity, of a measured and responsible consumption, I want to denounce its pernicious effects and questionable practices. On this blog, you will find excerpts of my writings and original ideas, inspired by current events.

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Consommation et nouvelles technologies


Consommation et luxe


Consommation et image de soi