Politics as consumer goods

Monday, 2 May, 2011

This is the English version of a blog post published yesterday in French. I apologize for the short delay. This morning, electoral circumstances dictate that I deal with all of this is political, that is to say, public affairs, government practices, ways of governing, not forgetting the electoral process itself, in a consumption perspective. You […]

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Human slavery to technology

Saturday, 4 September, 2010

In the conclusion of Consumption and New Technologies – In the Hyper World, I wrote: «Technological tools can nonetheless be very useful to humanity, provided that we properly direct their development and use. Humans are too often made to serve machines, or at least forced to adjust their life or behaviour to them, whereas machines […]

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Do you know your rights regarding price accuracy?

Sunday, 27 June, 2010

The following applies in the province of Quebec (Canada). In principle, the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) requires merchants to label the price on each article, but allows for exceptions. For example, because of the increasingly popular use of optical scanners, retailers are no longer required to label each article; several avail themselves of this exemption, […]

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Successes and pitfalls of technology

Tuesday, 8 June, 2010

Technology has invaded workplaces, homes, vehicles, portable devices of all kinds, etc. Many will say it has freed man. This is true, from one point of view; appliances greatly facilitate household chores. It has also allowed man to express his creativity far more easily; inexpensive software now allows people with limited aptitude for drawing to […]

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Quebec’s Budget and consumption: Minister Bachand’s miscalculation

Saturday, 3 April, 2010

Further to my radio column of Thursday, April 1 on the same subject, here are a few thoughts. Minister Bachand deludes himself thinking that an increase of QST and the gas tax will bring more money into the coffers of the state; it’s a mistake governments often make. In reality, many consumers already have a […]

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